Thursday, May 15, 2008

"in memorian"


Photo: January 1945, Volos Greece. Himariotes fighters jointed to the greek army to liberate Volos by nazifashists.

After escaped from Himara Region embarked on British Warships, the team composed by strong 22 men, all from Himara Region, left Albania to joint to the International Brigade “Rimini” in Italy.

This document is a historically moment when a small group men from the Himara Region known as one of the Greek Minority Group of Balkan who collaborated with international forces against Axis taken part of International Brigade inside Greek Company for the liberation of Italian city “Rimini” by Axis forces.

After Rimini, the Himara`s Team contributed fighting to liberate the Southern Italian city of Taranto and after in Greece participated to liberate the Greek city of Volos.

The photo is an authentic historic document which the Albanian Government since 1944 never has been liked to know the honorific contribut of the hellenic community of Himara, the only represent of Albania to fight togather with wester international forces. This is a historical manifest which tells for the collaboration together with American and British troops during WWS of a group represent of the region most persecuted by Albanian Dictature such as Himara and the Hellenic population.

The photo is published to remember the anniversary of British troops to fights against fascists of Axis in Albania during the summer of 1944 in Himara Region.

Photo: British troops in Kakomea, Himara Region May 1944

Member of "himara fighters" on "Rimini Brigade"

Kimon Bollanos, Terkos Bollanos, Athanasios Bollanos, Damianos Beleris, Georgios Burbos, Spryros Buntinis, Miltiadis Goros, Petros Goros, Eriststeas Gkionis, Xristos Lazaris, Axilleas Milos, Kostas Kokavesis, Dimos Kokavesis, Alekos Karzis, Spiros Tsouras, Basileos Vitos, Pavlos Veizis, Georgos Zotos, Dimitreos Papos, Miltiadis Rondos, Kristos Dimas, Spyros Veizis.
Himariotes who fighted on the greek naval forces:

Nikolas Gionis, Aferinos Bontinis, Ilias Kolilas, Manolis Ramos, Kostas Rondos, Kostas Krekos, Jason Kutulas, Panos Lazaris, Viktor Brigos Kristos Likokas.

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