Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ankara "supports" minority in Thrake
"ELEFTEROS TIPOS" Thursday, 13.03.08
Silently and systematically escalated, the attempt to Ankara for the guardianship of the Muslim minority in Thrace, which is treated as a strategic minority «» from the Turkish diplomacy especially after the unilateral declaration of independence Kosovo.
San mushrooms spouts in the region Turkish clubs (last, The example ”Platanos in Xanthi”) that promise to help the minority - with funding from abroad-to acquire hospitals, schools and other types of infrastructure of public interest. In addition, the rapidly expanding network of associations representing their “Nationality abroad”, with the clear goal internalizing oppression sensational.
The mobility of unrecognized by the Greek State mouftidon and the Consul of Turkey to Komotini is impressive, and the border crossings for representatives of minorities who have close contact with Ankara is becoming more and more regular. Four moves were not made known to disclose in the strongest possible terms the strategy of Ankara in connection with the minority in Thrace, which is trying to be trained to separatist ideas. Specifically: ▪ «The European Federation of Western Thrace Turks» expanded with new ones in London and The Hague. And having observer status in the Human Rights of the UN constantly egkalei the Greek State for violations of rights and freedoms. ▪ The president of «Solidarity Association of Western Thrace Turks Mr» Erol Kasifoglou (living in Turkey hailing from Thrace) called on expatriates to autonomous regarding the independence of Kosovo, expressing his optimism that the secession of the former Serbian province will serve as example. A few days later, he met in Istanbul the president of the Association of Scientists of minority lawyer Mr Xanthi Ahmet Kara.

▪ The Anti Mr Rodopi M. Devetzi Oglou recently visited Ankara and in an interview on Turkish television network reported on Attila “as a peacekeeping operation in Cyprus”.
▪ A few days ago the elected muftis in Xanthi Mr. Ahmet Mete visited Ankara where he had contacts with the National Security Council. The issue of minority handled by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And publicly highlighted as one of the three debated (Aegean, Cyprus, minorities) Turkish Foreign Minister Mr. Ali Bampatzan after he met Saturday with the main counterpart Dora Bakoyanni in Ankara.

The spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs C. Koumoytsakos, to a question relating to the content of the talks the main agenda and Mr Bampatzan for minorities, he said that was brief mention recent laws relating to vakoufia, in minority institutions and their properties. He explained that there is no «structured dialogue, commissions or other mechanism on minority issues» and referred to the desire of the Government to have every opportunity to dialogue with the Government of Turkey to improve bilateral relations. In his report, the State Department on human rights complaints referred pomakikon clubs that pressured by members of the Turkish community in order to deny the existence pomakikis identity.It is noted that thanks to the efforts of the Office of Political Affairs Xanthi increased the crush of Gypsy children in schools.

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