Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the way to conquest the Northern Epirus lands…

Photo: Albanian police special forces against the rights of propriety owners of Kakomea, Himara Region.

"Albania must stopped on the way to EU and NATO if the lands are not come back to the legitimate owners of Himara`s people"

The Coast Ionian owners and Himara`s Community against the Republican Politic Party and the Albanian government - writs the newspaper “Koha Jone” on January 21. The Himara`s Community has strongly opposed the proposal of the head of Parliamentary Republican party Group Arian Madhi, who lately asked the Government to identify and make available the physical compensation those coastal lands which “are nobody`s and are not I use”.

The Himara`s Community which presents the legitimate owners of the elite tourist area of Ionian Coast line known as the beautiful are Vlora Saranda who lives the oldest Greek Community very rich with Byzantine and monasteries church, addressed a public letter to Madhi warning him of abusing with the duty and the confidence of people.

‘We sent this public letter to you to wanr you of abusing with the duty and with the confidence of people who have voted for you” says over alls the letter. Through this letter the Association underscored that “By embracing this ant owner political line constantly you, de facto are preventing the normal process of Albanian`s membership to NATO and EU and we must said: “NO ALBANIA TO NATO AND EU ORGANISATION SINCE THE PROPRIETY DOES NOT GO TO OWNERS”

One month ago during the visit of Albanian President Bamir Topi in Athens the Greek counter part Karolos Papulias asked Topi if the “Albanian government is making efforts about the propriety rights of Greeks in Albania as the positive way to joint Albania to Euro Atlantic organizations Topi expressed his responsibility to make pressing to Albanian plitic parties to resolve soon as possible the propriety issue of greeks who live in Albania..

But according to information a list of project laws made by Albanian government headed by Sali Berisha, are waiting to approve by parliament under the “legalization Process” laws which favorites the Albanians to conquest proprieties of Greeks who lives in in Northern Epirus particularly to the Ionian Coast Line, known as the Himara region.

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