Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Security News

Photo: The US Ambassador accredited to Albania, HE Mr. John L. Withers II, welcomed by the NATO Senior Military Representative, Brigadier General Anastasios Rintis.


The head of Albanian Secret Service Bahri Shaqiri, during a meeting with the member of Security National Commission of Albanian Parliament has spoken for the necessary of much more finances for SHISH. “For the next budget of 2008, SHISH need about 4.5 Million Euros, to be in total efficiency, regarding the ulterior developments in Balkan Region ” Shaqiri said.

“Even the meeting was closed for the media, the High Represent of Albanian National Security was very preoccupied for tensions in the area border particularly from the north” seeing the Status Final of Kosovo, underlines the Newspaper “SHQIP”. According to media, is not clear if the finances would use to fights corruption and organized crime or to another very important direction such is the Terrorism Islamic in the area, one of must important mission of SHISH after 2001 with American and European Secret Services.


4 Military Ships will buy Albania from Holland in total of 31 Million Euros to modernize Albanian “Coast Guard Forces”, said the Defense Minister of Albania Fatmir Mediu during meeting with represent of “Damen Shipyards” Rene Berkvens. One of the ships will product in Holland when other three will build in Vlora Naval Base of Orikumi next years.

Is not very clear if the modernization of Albanian Naval Forces is under the observation of NATO experts but one month ago Spain, has refused to sell military ships for Albania.The old Naval Base in South Western of Albania across Italy, Vlora`s Bay, installed in Orikum under “Varsavia Agreement” in 1957 to protect the Russian Submarines, is reconstructed from Turkish Naval Forces after collapse period of 1997, when the Albanian military ships used as clandestine transportation to Italy.

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