Monday, October 29, 2007

Prime Minister Berisha met with Commissioner of Human Rights of EU Hammarberg:

Albania is under observation of High Commissioner of Human Rigths of EU, who arrived in Tirana last Sunday. During meeting between the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the EU commissioner Hammarberg the epicenter of the debate was over alls the situation of greek minority, which claimed from prime minister as "good and normal Relations". Particlularly the Prime Minister Berisha declares in the end of meeting with EU Commissioner Hammarberg that: "The greek Minority and HRUP is part of my governament coalition"

But the paradoxes about "existence" of Greek Minority continue often to presente to the high european representatives on "tow standarts"; The first; as a greek minority represent inside HRUP (Human Rights Union Party) as coalition member of government "privileged as good relations between Athens and Tirana" and The second; The reality of another antagonism showed, the realy discrimination situation against the Greek Community.....the continuing of violation of human rights from vandalism to the greek orthodox churches, the land assimilisation proces, the greek schools prohibites, the total block of greek media, the counting general popullation, the decisions of albanian tribunals to conquiste proprieties, to the massive escape of the greek popullation obligated to leave their mother lands to go in greece, etcc..

Commissioner Hammarberg to assess human rights situation in Albania.

Strasbourg, 26.10.2007 – Starting Monday 29 October, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, will pay a five-day high-level official visit to Albania to assess the overall human rights situation in the country.

Mr Hammarberg’s agenda focuses on a broad range of issues including the functioning of the judiciary, conditions of detention, torture and ill-treatment, trafficking in human beings, gender equality, Roma and minority rights as well as social and economic rights. Accompanied by three members of his Office, Commissioner Hammarberg will also visit various institutions such as a police station, detention centre, shelter and psychiatric establishment in Tirana, Shkodra, Vlorë and Elbasan.

During the visit, the Commissioner will meet with top State authorities including the President, Mr Bamir Topi, the Prime Minister, Mr Sali Berisha, and the Speaker of Parliament, Ms Jozefina Topalli. Further talks will be held with ministers and parliamentarians, the Presidents of the Constitutional Court and High Council of Justice, the Prosecutor General, the Ombudsman and local authorities. Moreover, Mr Hammarberg’s agenda includes meetings with representatives of the civil society and international organisations.

The Commissioner will present his preliminary observations on Friday 2 November at 11h00 during a press conference organised in the Council of Europe’s Information Office in Tirana (Sheshi Skenderbej, Palatti i Kultures, Kati I pare).

The visit is part of the activities carried out in accordance with the Commissioner’s mandate to assess the implementation of human rights obligations by all Council of Europe’s member States. An assessment report with relevant recommendations will be presented and published within three months after the visit.

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