Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brutal incident against the represent of Greek Minority in Albanian Parliament
Photo: Vangjel Tavos
On Wednesday night the private house of Parliament Member of Albania (Socialist Party) in Argirokaster Region, Jorgutsati village, Vangjel Tavos has been violated from polices authority. According to “News 24 TV” an independent broadcaster media in Tirana, Tavos also a represent of Greek Minority in Albanian Parliament, has denounced the arrogance used from security authorities during a control with out persecutor office mandate.

Tavos accuses police Albanian authority for brutal violation of civil rights on press conference made after incident. Tavos who in this time was in Tirana, was informed from his parents in Jorgutsati for brutal intervention inside his private house from police uniform. “Is absurd this eveniment to control a member of Albanian parliament having also “special mandate”. “For what raisons makes ..said Tavos.

This is the second time that the Albanian authority has "violated" the Greek represent in Albanian Parliament. Tow years ago in an incident near village Nepravista, Argirokaster Region, Tavos has been target from Special Forces of Albanian authority violating him during a demonstration of his electorate minority zone.

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