Monday, July 21, 2014

Greek American Lobby and Albania American League, united for Cyprus resolution

The Congressman Joseph DioGuard met with Kosmas Karavellas for Himara Issue

Washington. Greek American lobby, organized last week's annual convention for the Cypriot issue, where in addition to numerous guests, was also Senators and Congressmen including Vice / U.S. President Joe Biden.

In Cypriot convention, which was formulated the declaration, was invited Congressman Joe DioGuardi, known as the representative of the Albanian lobby in USA.

Representative of Himara Society, Kosmas Karavellas, had a friendly meeting with Congressman Joseph DioGuardi, in which they talked about territorial division and especially about the issue Himara.

For the first time since the Greek American lobby, finds support from the Albanian lobby in USA, on issues such as Cyprus, or Himara, which also testifies before the draw strong picture of the Capitol Hill, among which are seen the Congressman
Joseph DioGuardi and Lobby representatives of the Greek American Congressmen Bilirakis, Sarbanis, and Kosmas Karavellas.

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