Friday, July 3, 2009

Greeks in Albania have not still their Political Ethnic Party

The comment below is a fals propaganda to manipulate with the right to vote in Albania by International media in which HURP is an ethnic Greek Party. This is not true. HURP has real support from minorities and mostly by Greeks but over all it is an Albanian Party. Under this philosophy of the "democratic values and the peace" between Tirana and Athens, as old propaganda of "Friendly bridge" Tirana shows to the observers of NATO and the European Union, the presence of Greeks in Albania, there is only one mandate to the Albanian Parliament in total of 140 PM included to HURP.

Three months ago, the statistics of the Albanian state claimed for the ethnic Greek minority to be only 1%, of 4.2 million inhabitants of Albania.
The propaganda must stop continuing to claim that Albania respect all the human rights in the country. The Greeks have not still an official language together with political and civil rights of much of the population which lives in southern Albania historically known as the northern epiriote, mostly emigrant in Greece and USA.

At the last parliamentary elections, which unfortunately still not finished, there were three registered parties with background ethnic minority; The Party for Justice and Integration (PDI) with nationalist program against a democratic country such is Greece, the party of Macedonians in Albania and the Party of Albania's Roma.
Meanwhile the country is to declare that Ethnic Greek Minority in Albania, have still not an ethnic Greek party to guaranty political and civil rights as long as Tirana does not recognize the official Greek language in autonomous municipalities where the Greeks live from thousands of years, in southern Albania known as Northern Epirus.

See web official page about the Program of HURP (PBDNJ):

The original article of Balkaninsight

Albania's Ethnic Greek Party To Stay LeftTirana

The Union for Human Rights, PBDNJ, which represents the ethnic Greek minority in Albania, rejected on Thursday speculation that it will return to the governing coalition of Prime Minister Sali Berisha after Sunday’s parliamentary elections. “We will not change our position,” said in a press conference, the party boss Vangjel Dule. “Our trait has always been loyalty, integrity and coherence in decision-making,” he added.

PBDNJ has ruled with Berisha's centre-right government for the last four years but internal rifts before the elections pushed them towards a coalition with the Socialist Party headed by Tirana mayor Edi Rama.

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