Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Northern Epirus FORUM sends letter to Greek Parliament for Greek Citizenship
Secretary General: Costas Ioannou
Chairman: Alkis Pappas

To: Greek Parliament & Defense Committee Foreign Affairs

Ladies and gentlemen
First we would like to thank you for your initiative to invite representatives of organizations of Northern Greece to attend before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and hear their concerns and our proposals. The return of Greek citizenship to Voreioipeirotes creates new information on our national case. As Greeks and Europeans anymore, we can envisage a better future for our community and our place.
One of the major problems employing our young people especially after the issue of citizenship, the issue of military conscription, following a decision of the Government has now resolved. Certainly, much work remains, and we would like the Greek state to proceed directly to the decision to support measures, social, so that the integration of Voreioipeiroton in Greek society to a comprehensive and speedy. We hope that this will soon become a practice.

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