Thursday, March 2, 2017

Athens warns Tirana, to be carefully to the territories inhabited by Greeks

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The visit of the Albanian Foreign Minister Bushati in Athens, passed in complete silence by the press. No statement or smile at, but a message: Tirana, to be carefully for Greeks living in territories all over Albania, as it will be held in accountable.

Greek diplomacy has passed in an important diplomatic step towards Albanian, who usually do not become officially known, as are strained relation is constant arrogance of the Albanian government, to the community of the Northern Epirus and especially in the Himara region.

This escalation as the form of an Ultimatum, made simultaneously when Tirana, has been accused of seeking to destabilize Macedonia (FYROM) by imposing the officially the Albanian language, while in Albania, the current government is playing with another standard, that of the occupation of territories of the Greeks, in the South of the country.

The main cause is thought to have been the law for Minorities in Albania and the issue of Proprieties of the Greek community, for which the Greek organization, Omonia noted for this situation, as dangerous and unacceptable.

The situation in Balkan Region, is to be in full attention by NATO, while Albania, should give serious guarantees to protect the Greek Community in Northern Epirus, an important source stressed, from Athens.

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