Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Himariotes protest at front of Albanian Government Building

Himariotes joint the Albanian Opposite Protest, marching to the Central Boulevard of Tirana

Public opinion was surprised after seeing people of Himara Union, coming from Himara this morning, most members of Omonia and the Democratic Party, who have marched in the main boulevard of the city, even inside the tent of the opposition, with Nationalist Background, to be part of the protest for the removal of government Rama.

On the one hand,  the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, has threatened they to destroy their houses and giving under concession the Dhermi beaches, to the oligarchs, on the other hand, the people of Himara surprising, demonstrating in front of the Prime Minister office in Tirana.

Omonia, has called The Prime Minister of Albania, that for any action contrary to the interests of Himara, will be responsible, but it is little to say, since Tourist Resorts and looting of properties, continues with high intensity in Himara Region.

However, against the people of Himara, more than ever, continues the violation of human rights and freedom, for which, the property, the historic territory and Ethnic Hellenic Identity, remains a  difficult challenge, to be resolved by the Albanian State, including opposition, which during 15 years in power of his leader Sali Berisha, does not share anything from the fascist Government of Edi Rama (together with Ilir Meta) for which, these parties, in the Name of National Albanian Interests, have signed an agreement, for the assimilation of The Himara Region.

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