Friday, January 20, 2017

Northern Epiriotes, expecting radical changes in Balkan Region, under the presidency of Donald Trump

20 years later, The Northern Epiriotes of Albania, risk losing territory after plans for assimilation, that Tirana is developing in practice, under the strategy of the Greater Albania.

The situation has deteriorated and not improved after 20 years since USA Pan Epirotic Federation President, Nicholas Gage, held a lecture at AHIPAC Legislative Policy Conference in January 27, 1997, Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

The falls Census data, in 2011 in Albania, was a major disappointment for Northern Epiriotes, who was betrayed by the administration of Obama - Clinton, while discriminating data created for the Greeks in Northern Epirus and The Orthodox Church.

The issue of territory inhabited by Northern Epirotes, especially in areas like Himara, Vlora, Korca, Permet, Agia Saranda, etc., has passed the size of an ethnic conflict, for which, the governments of Albania, under the development plans, have made it possible change of the population, disrupting geopolitical balances, under the strategy of the Greater Albania.

In the new situation, which is being created in Balkan Region, which may prompt a change in boundaries, The Pan Epirotean Federation of USA, in cooperation with the State Department and Greece, but also Russia, could play a primary role, for solving the strategy for the Northern Eipirus.

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