Friday, January 20, 2017

Growing ethnic tensions in Southern Albania, removed the Greek flag in Dropull, Argirokastro

A day earlier in Dropull removed the Greek flag stood at the entrance to the municipality. The act is taken over by an organization called "Movement for United Albania", who in their Internet site acknowledge that they have done this in response to Greece's positions on the Cham issue.

In the article entitled "Movement for United Albania", removes the flag of the enemy state Greece, in Dropull that violate the sovereignty "allegedly" Yesterday around 17:00, the boys of the Movement for United Albania have removed the Greek flag in Dropull . This Albanian irredentist organization, condemns the Greek provocations, who dare to openly express their "chauvinistic claims to Albanian lands and violate the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Albania". .noted the declaration of the "Movement for United Albania"

According to them "it is unacceptable that Greek flag boil inside the territory of the Republic of Albania".

the reaction of state structures, acts and calls that incite ethnic hatred and violence. Gjirokastra Police Department said it was aware of the event, but can not make any action after the event, there is no denunciation or criminal charges.

This is a recurring event after the removal of the Greek flag, the Castle of Himara and headquarters of "Omonia" in Agia Saranda, for which no further action is performed by the state police.

Meanwhile, Omonia has warned the Government of Albania, that the raising of the ethnic tension in Himara and generally in the South of Albania, can raise out of control the situation, in which case it will be the responsibility of the Albanian state and security structures.

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