Thursday, January 19, 2017

Diplomatic crash, during the meeting at the foreign ministry in Albania for the Law of Minorities

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Confrontation by the Deputy Mayor of Dropolis Municipality, with other participant and Albanian Foreign Ministry diplomats

In response to the public consultation on the law "Protection of National Minorities in Albania," the Ministry. Foreign Albania has the responsibility for drawing up the law, today called (19-01 - 2017) all representatives of local government (mayors and governors) to submit their own proposals.

From the Greek Minority participated only Deputy Mayor Mr. Michael Manos representing as Dropolis Region (The Greek Minority). Mr. Manos informed the working group and other participants that agrees with the proposal of D.E.E.E.M. Omonia filed on December 26, highlighting the major points of this proposal are:

1) the determination of the minority
2) the minority education
3) the public use of the language.

Placing the Deputy Mayor of Dropolis caused the reaction of some participants, including diplomats of the Foreign Affairs of Albania, transforming the entire conversation in Greek-Albanian conflict. Remarkable was the placement of the State Commission deputy Albanian Minority Mr. Christos Gotsi (Politic Leader of Ellinovlachs of Albania, former MP of HRUP) who was the only one who supported Mr. Manos and positions of Omonia.

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