Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The impact of Soros / US senators seek probe embassy in Tirana

For the US embassy officials in Tirana can launch an investigation about how the funds are used and what attitudes are maintained against political parties.

Six US senators signed a letter to Secretary of the State, Rex Tillerson, urging an investigation of funds which is funded for the Justice Reform project and the impact of Soros in the US embassy in Tirana.

The letter starts with concern for FYROM to pass later in Albania, noting that judicial reform is financed by Soros and aims to capture the judicial reform.

In their letter the senators pointed to Albania and to influence American mission may have been in judicial reform, the Soros funding from USAID.

Senators raise concern that justice reforms could give Prime Minister Rama full impact on justice. Senators go further, saying Albania's stability is put at risk.

 A core group of senators has urged the secretary-elect of the State Rex Tillerson begin immediately investigation efforts of the Obama administration to influence the elections of other countries by sending funds to American taxpayers to 'activists extreme and sometimes violent' .

Lawmakers have discovered conversations with foreign diplomats who described the Obama administration's political bargains, including the use of taxpayers' money to fund leftist groups in FYROM, Albania, Latin America and Africa.

A part of State Department money went to organizations supported by billionaire George Soros, according to the letter sent days earlier by Republican lawmakers.

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