Thursday, March 16, 2017

Radomirovic: Cadastre proof of what is Serbian property, as 58 pct of Kosovo's territory

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BELGRADE - As much as 58 pct of Kosovo's territory - including state, private and socially- and church-owned real estate - is property of Serbia, its citizens and institutions, and the state has the original cadastre documentation to prove this.

"The material in our possession is enormous, and protected at Geozavod in Belgrade. For years, the (Kosovo) Albanians have been requesting that we return the documentation because of the legal uncertainty for all Kosovo citizens, but we have no reason to return it as we would not improve the position of the Serbs by returning the cadastre," Slavica Radomirovic, former head of the Kosovo-Metohija Cadastre, told Tanjug. Link

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