Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DUI's Ali Ahmeti secretly met with Albania's Defense Minister in Struga

Sunday, 12 March 2017


DUI's Ali Ahmeti has secretly met with Albania's DM Mimi Kodeli in Struga, two days after Ivanov stated he would not give the mandate to Zaev.

The goal of the meeting was for Kodeli to give instructions to Ahmeti how to proceed. We find an agreement was struck to prevent the Macedonian president from doing his job as guaranteed by the Constitution through completing a Parliamentary session where former terrorist Talat Xhaferi would be elected as president of Parliament.

This way, every emergency session in the country would have to be approved through Parliament which in our case will have an anti-Macedonian majority (SDS,DUI,BESA). Before Parliament is approved, such decisions fall on president Ivanov, through Constitutional acts 124 and 127.

The next step is to create a Government without a mandate and approval by the president, automatically making former terrorist Xhaferi in charge of the country. By default, the SDS will take over the police which will use arms to supress any sort of protest.

Should the current Parliament president Trajko Veljanovski  and the VMRO-DPMNE green light the start and continuation of such Parliament session, it means that the fake patriotic leadership in VMRO-DPMNE is in on it from the very begining and will stab Ivanov in the back.

The president, but most of all, the people can prevent the start of such Parliament session where a terrorist would be put in charge of the country.

Ahmeti's secret meeting with Albania's DM and their agenda against Macedonia constitutes a major treason, however treason does not appear to be a chargeable offense in Macedonia, at least not while Emil Dimitriev is the Prime Minister.

Update on the rapidly changing landscape in Albania: The country's Police Chief Saimir Tahiri has resigned, and on Monday the same is expected from the DM Mimi Kodheli. Her mission to Macedonia was ordered by rogue elements in the CIA and George Soros who have complete comtrol of Albania and is keen on control over Macedonia. Albania has upcoming elections in early June. The opposition has long boycotted Parliament stating Edi Rama is under control of the "Umbrella" and was working against national interests. The opposition claims the announced resignations of Kodheli and eight other ministers were also advised by the "Umbrella". They have also accused Rama of drug trafficking, massive corruption and giving up t

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