Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Albanian Deffence Minister: Our Army, must be in Alert by Greece

Defence Minister Mimi Kodheli invited to report on Parliamentary Security Commission has shocked MPs with a strong statement warning "must be alert to anything that make our neighbors, including Greece."

Kodheli guaranteed Security Committee in Parliament that the Armed Forces are on alert to defend the sovereignty and dignity of every case of Albania.

Her explanation, referring to the minutes of the meeting came in response to a concern raised by the chairman of the Security Committee, Spartak Braho regarding military exercise conducted a few months ago near the Albanian border by the Greek army.

By its Defence Minister, has described this drill near the border of the Armed Forces of Greece as "military games". Often our neighbors, shout slogans for domestic political consumption. So, we should share which are for domestic consumption and what are slogans or statements that violate the sovereignty and dignity of Albania and Albanians ", - said Kodheli.

Kammenos warned ALBANIA

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About 3 months ago Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos used a flash visit one of the border crossings with Albania to convey a strong message of official Tirana. Present in the garrison military border with Albania, wearing camouflage and in the presence of top generals of the Greek army, Kammenos warning Tirana that "Greece can not accept challenges and references affecting history and international law . From here I send a message to all those who dare to defy international treaties and international law to make provocative statements. The answer is clearly ours, Greece is determined to protect the country's national sovereignty and respect of international law "- warned Kammenos.

His statements were 1 month after Greece deployed on the border with Albania its tanks and other heavy military more modern part of a military exercise.

It was precisely for the training of the 8th Brigade of the Greek army offensive, part of which were the most elite infantry effectives.

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