Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The European Commission condemns demolition of St. Athanasius in Himara

The demolition of the church of St. Athanasius in Albania Himare condemned the European Commission, responding to a question from the New Democracy MEP Manolis Kefalogianni.

Recall that the Albanian authorities had proceeded in August to demolish the church, causing a strong reaction in Athens. "EU does not tolerate the violences on Human Rights" commented the representative of Foreign Minister Christos Koutra.

The European Commission replied to Mr. Kefalogianni that respect for human rights and religious freedoms are the European Union's fundamental values.

He also stressed the need for a candidate country to serve the rule of law and preserve the freedom of religion and cultural heritage.

According to the MEP of ND, the European Commission stated in its reply that it attaches the utmost importance to religious freedom issues of the accession countries and that the vast this respect deficit observed in Albania will be reported on in the forthcoming Annual Progress Report.

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