Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PM: "Somebody" wants to destabilize Balkans

Aleksandar Vucic said in Moscow on Tuesday it was "obvious there is increasing tension in the Balkans, and attempts at an overall destabilization of relations."
Source: Beta, Tanjug
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)
The Serbian prime minister spoke with reporters on the sidelines of a sitting of the Business Council of Serbia and Russia, and added that "somebody is making a lot of effort" to destabilize relations in the Western Balkans.
According to the Beta agency Vucic then stated that he "knows, but won't say" who these "forces" are - but that he thought it was "plenty obvious."

"It's enough to look at the situation in our surroundings for that to be completely clear. Why would I speak about it publicly, I have no intention, it's enough that I know, and that the government knows, and is taking steps," said Vucic.

He added that "they are attempting to spread this to Banja Luka, Sarajevo, and Belgrade."

Vucic said that "Serbia will do everything to preserve peace and stability in the region, this is its priority goal."

"If anyone needs peace and stability, it's Serbia, and Serbia will know how to secure it," said he.

"32 places"

Serbia now ranks as No. 59 in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business list, up by 32 positions compared to last year, Aleksandar Vucic has said.

Speaking in Moscow on Tuesday, he said this was an indicator that Serbia provides a safe business environment.

The score did not even take into account the reforms carried out in the most recent period, Vucic pointed out at a meeting with Serbian and Russian businesspeople in Moscow.

"This is important news, not only for the citizens of Serbia, but also for those who want to invest in the country, because they can count on a serious and safe business environment," said Vucic.

Stressing that Serbia made the strongest progress of all countries, Vucic added that the government of Serbia will strive to further improve its ranking and enter the top forty in the world.

The Serbian prime minister is currently on a 3-day visit to the Russian Federation, during which he will meet with Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin.

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