Sunday, October 25, 2015

Omonia to the Reorganization structures within the National Northern Epirus Council

Athens, Sunday, October 25, 2015


A large Information and consultation meeting with members of the General Council and representatives of Omonia, aimed at rallying the Greeks of Northern Epirus and the reorganization of the National Northern Epirus Council.

A first meeting took place Saturday in Athens and was aimed at informing and raising awareness of Northern Epirus in Greece together on issues related to Education in Northern Epirus, the Ownership and the development of a national strategy for the Northern Epirus.

Among other things the Chairman of Omonia. Leonidas Pappas emphasized the necessity of a more direct contact Omonia to Northern Epirus living in Greece which could be done by "setting up local branches starting from the Athenian capital and why not their spread and throughout the Greek territory where they live and work hundreds of thousands of our compatriots. "

He also emphasized the need to find financial resources so that it can Omonia be financially independent from interests and may have operating offices for the Northern Epirus public not only in Saranda other in other regions both in Northern Epirus and Greece .

He announced it, that within weeks will begin to operate the new website of Omonia from where you can every Northern Epirot update on the project, its activities and the developments in our hometown.

Press "DEEEM Omonia"
Athens 25/10/2015


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