Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bushati: With Greece, we are open to address issues ,,,, but nothing moves

Invitation from Athens to Tirana, to open issues related to relevant international agreements between Greece and Albania, Tirana means only maritime border.

Tirana between two fires, one hand "wants" the implementation of the agreement in Kosovo for Autonomy for Serbs, on the other hand, closed roads to open issues from the past, for Autonomy in the Southern of Albania

During an interview for "Gazeta Shqip", the Foreign Minister of Albania Ditmir Bushati, expressed before a group of students, recent movements of Albanian diplomacy, in connection with Kosovo, Serbia and Greece.

Bushati expressed his readiness to support the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo for the creation of Serb Municipalities (special autonomy for the Serbs in Kosovo) by opposing some of the most violent reactions undertakes opposition in Kosovo. However, to Tirana, the European perspective of Kosovo, is more important than nationalist clashes in the Parliament of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, as regards the problem with a major foreign policy of Albania, Greece, Tirana, is expected to debate the issue of the maritime border, for which as said Bushati, has a decision of the Constitutional Court, for which Tirana has closed this agreement.

But on the other hand, Bushati admitted that will have to step in a process, to open a series issues with Greece. During his statements, there was not observed a parallel between measures under autonomy for the Serbs in Kosovo and ongoing requirements of Athens, on issues relating to Southern Albania.

Greece had declared the initiative, to open the issues of International Agreements with Albania, for which has blocked an EU progress report, for Albania, but at the same time has changed a series of diplomats, to prepare a dossier with requirements to Albania.

According to sources from the Greek press, Greece is just the time to address to Tirana, a series of issues concerning the South of Albania, keeping the "frozen", the Euro-Atlantic integration processes, as in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.

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