Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Die Welt": The Balkans is sliding into chaos


The prestigious German newspaper "Die Welt", in a long article regarding the tense events in the Balkans, writes that this region is slipping under chaos. The newspaper writes that every day in the Balkans pass thousand of refugees, but it seems that they have been forgotten. Below the southern Balkans, the conflict is escalating.

"In Pristina, as well as in Podgorica, Montenegro, cities turned into chaos during the weekend. Protesters had clashed with police. Tires burned, grenades, tear gas and Molotov cocktail were used", the newspaper writes, analyzing the fragile security situation in most of the Balkan countries, reports "".

It seems that neither the European Union has not found any means of pressure to find a solution to the politicians in conflict. While, according to Die Welt, citizens are deeply disappointed.

Meanwhile in Kosovo, a country populated mainly by Albanians, for almost two decades they are dealing with the integration of the Serb minority. After many hardships, the EU had eased some agreements, through which about 70,000 Serbs would have autonomous rights.

"The opposition in reponse paralyzed the work of the parliament, by throwing tear gas during plennary sittings" the newspaper writes.

While in Montenegro, writes "Die Welt", the candidate country for EU and NATO, the opposition also wants to oust Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

According to the German newspaper, countries need to be calm, because they are calculated as the poorest in Europe. By escalating a conflict, foreign investors will not come at all to these countries, "Die Welt" writes.

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