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Shrewd Moves In Greece

Sat, 11/01/2014

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By Richard Cley - London Correspondent - The main stream media are at it again tossing words like "neo Nazi" and "fascist" around regarding democratically elected representitives of people who want justice and honesty.
Greek Golden Dawn MPs are being dragged over the lie-hot coals of media damnation just because Golden Dawn see what a crooked nasty sham the whole EU dictarorship is.

Meanwhile, in the unrepresentative and undemocratic House of Lords another group of unelected and unelectable European Union appointees, headed by Kinnock and Mandelson, announce that it would be unreasonable to hold a referendum because they could not fix the vote. Parliament fixes every other vote in the country and now they are running scared, because they know that all the people can see their nasty little scam for what it is, and want to put an end to it.

Isn't it strange that people like Kinnock and Mendelson, once democratically elected in so much as democracy in Britain existed in part when they first stood for parliament, now want to suspend voting by the people on EU membership? Clearly this is because they already know that the people want to leave the corrupt dictatorship, that these two fascists so admire.

The media are in full crow over "neo Nazis" and "fascists" in Greece while ignoring the undemocratic fascist Nazis in the House of Lords. How is it that elected Greek MPs who want to leave the corrupt EU are neo Nazis and fascists when the real Nazis and fascists, Kinnock and Mandelson, are goose stepping all over the House of Lords demanding the destruction of British democracy?

We have seen it all before of course. The liars and thieves live and breathe in the Palace of Westminster, and their sycophantic worshipers, the media, adore and praise them at every turn. Though now their undemocratic words, are recorded by the media, but without the Nazi fascist caveats they deserve. The Hitlerite insults are reserved by the media only for democratically elected representatives of the people.

But wait! There is more to this than meets the eye. (Shakespeare, if he were still alive, would be sharpening his quill in anticipation of history being made, of a new king stepping forth.) While the media's insult-fest goes in to overdrive on Golden Dawn they have failed to understand what is really going on.

All the players are at work. Politicians pontificate, unelected Lords attempt to trounce democracy, Greek politicians held prisoner face trumped up politically correct but utterly dishonest charges, while some other footloose and fancy free bloke walks yet another diplomatic tightrope.

Wiley Nick Griffin stands again to cock a snook at the establishment by craftily using, with Gandhi like disdain, the legal system of our dictators to defy and destroy this evil wicked EU dictatorship. The law, after all, is there to be used to obtain justice, even the justice we require, which is the destruction of the evil EU empire and reform of the corrupt British Houses of Parliament.

Where Hitler failed Gandhi succeeded, where the EU is failing Nick aims for victory. While the legal fight might seem lost to free our Golden Dawn friends, if it truly is lost after Nick Griffin does his bit in court then this will mark the beginning of the end of the tyrannical fascist totalitarian EU state.

This nasty EU's days are numbered, so loved by all the corrupt political leaders, royal families and self-seeking businessmen, who dote and fawn on the ultimate fascist of all time, Richard Coudenhove Kalergi and his fantasy come true (Pan)European Union, home of every despot we know like Kinnock, Mandelson and all the little tin pot dictators we have come to loathe in today's political farce.

Crafty Nick Griffin has them by the short and curlies and our political elites and their media whores have not yet realised it. For both Nick and the oppressed European peoples it is a win-win situation.

If Nick loses and Golden Dawn is destroyed by the EU dictatorship, then this will be absolute proof that democracy is dead, finished and abolished within the EU for those that have eyes to see, and the fight will start in ernest for our freedom.

If Golden Dawn's MPs are reinstated and Nick is victorius in the EU's courts, then the tide will turn in favour of a democratically based Nationalist revolution, that will bring an end to the evil EU empire. For even if the media does a Lee Rigby and pretends it is of no importance by turning its back on the story, it will be all over the voice of the people, the internet, and the establishment's days will be numbered.

Either way, Nick Griffin, Nationalism and freedom loving peoples win.

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