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A1 Report - Zhvillimi i turizmit, qeveria ngre Agjencinë Kombëtare të Br...

Rama Government, blasting the decision, for concessions in Dhërmi

The "Coastal National Agency" aproved

TIRANA - A concession that would invade beach in Drymades given by Berisha government was abolished during the government meeting today by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

It is about the government's decision Berisha received on August 1, 2012, to take up the use of tourist facilities in Drymades beaches. This project occupied the Drymades beach for more than 2 kilometers.

During today's meeting of the Council of Ministers, is " repealed Nr.591 decision dated 01.08.2012, the Council of Ministers, " On the definition of contracting authority for the development of a concession project areas, beaches in Dhërmi and Perivoll, character resort, panoramic and informative, relevant infrastructure construction and adoption of the bonus in the competitive selection procedure given society " Eurokontakt " " . -

 The "Coastal National Agency" established which aims to integrate the protection and development of the coast.

Urban Development Minister Englantina Gjermeni announced decision  today by the Council of Ministers, adding that the agency will expand its operations across the coast promulgated by the National Territory as an area of national importance.

The Minister also informed that the government has abolished the concession project envisaged to be implemented in coastal areas in Dhërmi and Perivol beaches in fulfillment of priorities to transform Albania into a attractive tourist destination. There are no details on who is the project concessionaire who is repealed.

Albanian translation of the attractive tourist destination and environmental rehabilitation in areas of national importance will be taken necessary legislative interventions evaluated as emergency rehabilitation of these areas by illegal constructions at the expense of citizens , Unveils sources from the Ministry of Tourism and Development urban.


The Costal Association and the Himara
Community,  joint statement about the concessions in the Himara Region

"Himara is
occupied" by government
decisions and concessions
approved for beaches and massive purchaseof land

a joint statement of
the civil society
of Himara,
The Costal Association
and the Himara Community,
have accused the Albanian
government that "is conquering
Himara" the
decisions of
the government
to issue concessions beaches and territories of the Himara Region.

while strong accusation was made also for the
that this
has been
of the Himara Municipality, which has passed this decision of the Himara Municipality
many months before, without informing the people of

But besides this, their charges are in collaboration both the Himara Municipality for the the
fact that the Albanian government, stimulates the Mafia who bay with false documentation of properties of the people of Himara, in particular it highlighted in Dhermi and
Palace ..

on Albanian newspaper
comments in relation to civil society statement of Himara.

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