Friday, January 24, 2014

Fico of Slovakia: The Status for Albania, in June

Fico: Status, in June
Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia, during his visit in Tirana offered the unconditioned support of his country for Albania’s European Integration path and wider.

Fico is the first Slovakian Prime Minister who visits our country. Together with some ministers of the cabinet he leads, his conversation with Prime Minister Rama focused on the help that Albania might profit from the integration processes in economy and tourism.

In the joint press conference, Rama declared that Slovakia is an example that needs to be followed for a good governing and free enterprising.

“Slovakia is a good model for the integration path. Slovakia is a clear reference for us in the Eu, and Albania has the good luck to have a determined support from this country. Albania is committed to intensify the dialogue with Slovakia, and we have agreed to establish a joint group to identify the areas in which Slovakia’s experience might help our country”, Rama declared.

“Dear Prime Minister, the government of the Slovakian Republic offers every experience that we have profited from the integration process, and we offer a complete support for the European ambitions of your country, which are legal and justified. The Slovakian government has supported your ambitions until December, and I am sorry for the decision that was taken. This is the reason that we are certain that everything in June will be where it should have been since last December. We are ready to help your country, based on the assistance that we offer to several countries, and establish a team of experts who will spend weeks and months I your country, who will be available for you, because it is very important to share our experience. We can hold a business forum in Bratislava to see the chances that there might be. I must say that the work done in the first three months of your governing were very impressive as regards the very good steps that you have taken and that you need to continue”, Fico declared.

Prime Minister Rama declared that he hoped that Slovakia would recognize the state of Kosovo, while his counterpart, when asked by Top Channel about what was the obstacle for recognizing Kosovo, declared:

“I usually am very direct to questions, and there is no reason to not do it. For the moment, Slovakia sees no reason why we should change the stance with Kosovo. We have welcomed and we support the dialogue of Belgrade with Prishtina. There is a political stance held by the Slovakian government, and that is to not take any decision that might make the life of the people in Kosovo more difficult. We are very elastic with passports, and we are following the developments. We will be happy to see an agreement between Belgrade and Prishtina”, Fico underlined.

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