Saturday, January 25, 2014

Albanian cooperation in the region

Albanian cooperation in the region
The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, attended a meeting with the head of the Albanian Democratic Party in Macedonia, Menduh Thaci, in the town of Pogradec. This meeting was based on the priorities of regional policy, including the intensification of the dialogue with the Albanian political factor in the region.

One source from the Foreign Ministry said for Top Channel that Bushati and Thaci shared a series of views regarding the recent developments in the region and wider.

“The Radika issue and the dialogue and consultations with the Albanian factor in Macedonia remains a priority of the Foreign Policy”, Bushati confirmed.

The implementation of the Ochrid agreement and the following of the recent developments in Macedonia were in the center of discussion during this meeting. Bushati declared the rights of the Albanian people in Macedonia should advance as a factor that defines the construction of the state, who have a role as a stability factor, and who have a contribution in the euro-atlantic processes of the country. Bushati also declared that Albania supports Macedonia’s NATO membership and the European Union path.

Menduh Thaci congratulated Minister Bushati for the new duty, and for the initiative and constructive attention of Tirana for the Albanian people in the region.

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