Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rama : Berisha has sold the sea to Greece, while he imitates the Albanian nationalist, in the hall of parliament

Rama : Berisha is using river waters with neighboring countries to break relations which Macedonia and Greece

Analyst : despite the rapprochement of Greece policies to help Albania to joint European Union, requiring that Greece, reviewing water line crossings, it can not happen

Albanian political opposition, has abandoned the parliament hall, declaring that it would not participate in any collaboration for decision by parliament, thus putting at risk, one of the requirements of the European Union, for the bilateral cooperation between the Albanian government and the opposition.

Meanwhile, in his speech, Prime Minister Edi Rama, has accused former Prime Minister Sali Berisha , for that he has created tensions with neighbors, recently raising issues with neighbors rivers, but forgetting that Berisha has been precisely that of seawaters prayed with Greece.

"Berisha is using river waters to Increase tensions with neighboring Countries to break relations with Macedonia and Greece, appearing "with great nationalist" of Albania, but forgetting that sold through agreement of water marine, Albanian territory, to Greece." declared  Edi Rama in Albanian Parliament.

But many of analysts believe otherwise, who point out that the Prime Minister of Tirana, Edi Rama, despite the great help that is giving Greece for the opening of negotiations for European Union of Albania, it is impossible to negotiate a new agreement for the new sharing maritime border with Greece.

Nothing has to change, since U.S. interest to Albanian, does not allow interventions to change the agreement canceled by the Constitutional Court, said an anonymous analyst.

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