Sunday, January 19, 2014

Berisha charges INUK action in Dhërmi

Berisha: Massive protests against Socialist Caste 

TIRANA, Ex-Prime Minister Sali Berisha stressed yesterday that only the popular protests can stop the government's Edi Rama. In a posting on the social network Facebook, Berisha commented the recent actions taken by INUK to demolish illegal constructions, while Berisha, accuses Koco Kokëdhima Vlora socialist MP, as leader of the operation.

 The vast majority of these buildings were built by immigrants, who after 20 years began to develop their properties. Overall construction permits are issued in accordance with the master plan funded by the World Bank and the urban plan of the area. This is a criminal act of casting up homes, properties, of those people along with them, the Constitution, laws, courts of country ", - says Berisha in his post on" facebook ".

Following his article on the social networks ex-prime minister claims that the recent decisions taken by the government leader, Edi Rama, increased legal uncertainty for citizens and that it can only stop protests. "In charge of the operation of destruction is supper mafia Kokëdhima, SP. Citizens, what is happening in Vlora and Himara, can happen to any home, local, other property in every corner of the country. Remember that demolition permit regular, without a legal process of expropriation or final decision of the Court constitutes, after the execution without trial of citizens, the most extreme act of legal uncertainty in a police state.

Only general popular protests can stay his hand, Edi Rama, whose negative energy plaguing the country ", - stressed Berisha" in facebook ".

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