Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vlora: "Jon" Complex will be expropriated

Jon Complex will be expropriated
The Council of Ministers decided to expropriate the “Jon” complex, one of the buildings that is affected by the environmental rehabilitation of the coastline at the Uje I Ftohte-Tunel area in Vlore.

This means that all residents will be compensated with a 500 million ALL fund.

The government’s decision says that the legal property owners will be compensated for the 8396 square meter construction, with a total of 462.919.230 ALL, 362.919.230 of which will be taken from the reserve fund of the Council of Ministers, and 100 million from the Contingency Fund.

The fifth point of this decision asks legal owners to be compensated after showing the legal ownership documentation.

The deadline set by the Council of Ministers is December 28th.

The Deputy Minister of Transportation, Ylli Manjani, declared that this object will be demolished for cleaning the coastline. This case ended up in the Administrative Court, which has decided to not intervene until it is resolved.

A task force unit for the territory protection claims that there are severe violations. The Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, asked a criminal prosecution for judges, real estate officers, chief inspectors and employees of the Real Estate Compensation office.

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