Thursday, December 5, 2013

Army chief visits NATO command in Naples

NAPLES -- Serbian Army chief-of-staff Gen. Ljubiša Diković has met with commander of NATO Allied Joint Force Command Admiral Bruce Clingan in Naples, Italy.
They discussed "cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR," the Serbian Army said in a statement.
Diković and Clingan"also discussed KFOR activities, cooperation within the Partnership for Peace program and cooperation with the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade."

They "exchanged opinions on the security situation in the Balkans, Syria, North Africa and the Gulf of Guinea," the army said on its website.

During the meeting, the officials spoke about "the engagement of the Serbian Army officers in Partnership Staff Element positions in the NATO Allied Joint Force Command in Naples."

Lt.-Col.l Petar Doput is the first VS officer "who was hired for the office in August," Tanjug said.

During the visit, Diković visited the facilities of the NATO Allied Joint Force Command in Lago Patria near Naples.

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