Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unimaginable: Even from prison, MP Christos Pappas of the Golden Dawn, calls the Greek government, for the rights of the in Northern Epirus and the Corfu Protocol

Question of the Golden Dawn MP Christos Pappas for ignoring the official Greek state for the fate of Northern Epirus Issue

Pappas: The Northern Epirus Issue, although it is active national issue


SUBJECT : " Indifference of the official Greek state for the fate of Northern Epirus issue"

Mst. Minister

According to a recent press release of the European Commission made ​​a proposal to grant Albania candidate status for membership of the European Union .

The memorandum accompanying the proposal for minorities, which are not mentioned anywhere and is only once mentioned the need to make progress on the issue of respect for human rights only for Roma Community. For the Greek National Minority, however, no reference whatsoever .

This demonstrates that not only is there no national strategy for the Northern Epirus issue, although it is active national issue, but that Greek foreign policy is completely non-existent, as no work to ensure the most basic rights of the indigenous in Northern Epirus. These rights derive from the International Regulations signed and Albania itself.

Note that the Greeks of Northern Epirus, why ostentatiously ignores by the government 's memorandum, measure millennium history. Recall that sacrificed hundreds of Northern Epirus who believed in the unification of Northern Epirus to Greece .

The heroic act of resistance of the inhabitants of Himara on 2 December 1945, when they refused to vote in the rigged election of dictator Enver Hoxha would never be forgotten by the Albanian government. Even today, the criminal acts to robber properties, Albania do anything possible to cover it with a veil of forgetfulness on this historic day. Also, buildings and institutions, such as the Observatory of Athens, the Arsakeia schools, the Academy of Athens Zappeion were some of the donations that the Greek state owes the benefactors of Northern Epirus .

I ask the Foreign Minister Venizelos:

What would you take to defend the rights of the Northern?
Will Athens to take the necessary steps in order to recognize the Greek language as an official language and to provide free public education in traditional Greek populated by Greeks areas, putting into practice the activities of Active Protocol of Corfu , thereby recognizing and other areas with pure Greek population, such as Himara, Vlora, Premeti, Korca , etc.?

Will Athens be require withdrawal of all illegal judgments award of the lands in the Northern Epirus by Albanian settlers and descendants landowners, thus altering the Greek regions?

Will Athens require return of church property to the Orthodox Church and remove all obstacles to conducting spiritual mission

Will Athens arrange for the effective combating of crime that plagues in Northern Epirus and endangers the lives, safety and property of residents and monuments of cultural heritage of the region?

Will you to intervene in the institutions of the European Commission dealing with minority issues, to analyze and record the problems they faced over time the Greek national minority in Albania ?

Athens , 03/12/2013
The questioner MP
Christos Pappas
Member of Parliament


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