Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Commission announces results of Kosovo vote

PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo's Central Election Commission (CEC) on Monday evening came out with the final results of the local elections in Kosovo and Metohija.
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)
According to these the Citizens’ Initiative Srpska won the highest number of seats overall in the nine municipalities with a majority Serb population in the province, Tanjug is reporting.
In the municipality of Leposavić, Serbia won a total of eight councilor seats, the Democratic Initiative won four, the Independent Liberal Party (SLS) and the Citizens’ Initiative SDP won two seats each, and the Together list and the Initiative for a Better Life won one seat each.

In the municipality of Novo Brdo, the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (DAK) won four seats, Srpska won three seats, the Survival list won two, the Democratic Initiative also two, and the Serb Initiative, the SLS, the Common Future list and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK) won one seat each.

The voters in the Štrpce municipality gave most of their votes to Srpska, which won six representative seats and was followed by the SLS with five and the DPK with two seats and the Self-Determination Movement and the Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK) with one seat each.

In the municipality of Zubin Potok, Srpska clinched a convincing 11-seat victory, the DAK got two seats, and the DPK and the Social Democracy list won one seat each.

In Gračanica, Srpska was first with nine seats, followed by the Alliance of Kosovo Serbs with six, the SLS with three and the United Serb list Vidovdan with one seat.

In Ranilug, Srpska will have six councilors in the municipal assembly, the Serb People’s Party of Kosovo (SNPK) will have five, the SLS three and the For Kosovo Pomoravlje list one councilor.

In the municipality of Parteš, the SLS was first with six seats, followed by Srpska with five, the Democratic Initiative and the People’s Initiative with two each, and the Serb Pasjane list and the Serb Donja Budriga with one seat each.

The municipal assembly of Klokot will be comprised of five councilors from the ranks of the SLS, four Srpska officials, two from the DPK and one each from the DAK and the People’s Unity, Common Future and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AFK) lists.

In north Kosovska Mitrovica, Srpska won six seats, as many as the SDP - Oliver Ivanović list, who were followed by the DPK with three and the DAK, the AFK, the Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo and the SLS with one seat each.

In addition to the seats in the Serb-majority municipalities, in nine municipalities with the majority ethnic Albanian population, Srpska crossed the threshold for representation in municipal assemblies, winning two seats in Kamenica and one seat each in Priština, Klina, Istok, Kosovo Polje, Lipljan, Obilić, Pećc and Vučitrn.

Srpska will have mayors in a total of nine municipalities.

The CEC did not come out with the results for the municipality of Zvečan, as the vote was repeated at three polling stations in the municipality. The final results for Zvečan will be announced when the procedure ends.

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