Saturday, December 7, 2013

USA: Cautious with the Task Force

USA: Cautious with the Task Force
The efforts of the Albanian government in the fight against corruption and organized crime are being followed closely by Western diplomats in Tirana. When asked by Top Channel about the position held by the United States embassy on the recent anti-corruption initiative undertaken by the government, the embassy’s spokesperson declared:

“We have discussed with the Albanian government and our partners about the best approach that would push forward the reform agenda that Albania so much needs. We understand the urgency of continuing these reforms, and we think that the process should be comprehensive, keeping in mind the implications that they have about the Albania legislation and the law enforcing institutions”.

The Embassy underlies the importance of the task forces against economic crime and corruption.

“The Albanian government is open and ready to discuss various options. The United States government has directly invested considerable resources to help creating capacities, such as the Joint Investigation Units, in order to target and prosecute corruption”.

“We will encourage the new government to use effectively the Joint Investigation Units, as part of a wide effort against corruption”, the answer says.

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