Monday, December 2, 2013

"Albania, Corruption spread in the judiciary"

Corruption spread in the judiciary
The Puka judiciary corruption, as reported recently on Top Channel’s investigative show “Fiks Fare”, has made the Justice Minister, Nasip Naco, and majority Parliament Members to admit loudly that the system suffers from corruption, and that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

During the report of the European Integration Commission, the Minister of Justice, Nasip Naco, greeted the investigation and admitted that corruption has spread in all justice links.

“I want to thank Fiks Fare for making it possible to see a problem that has been there for years, and that makes us blush”, Naco said.

Parliament Members Gramoz Ruci and Taulant Balla declared that this case shows how deeply has corruption infiltrated the system.

“The problem in our justice system is not one single judge, secretary, chancellor, prosecutor or lawyer. This was just the tip of the iceberg, but Puka is the last bit of this system. There are no legal problems, but there is a basic problem with the efficiency of institutions”, Ruci declared.

“Those shocking images coming from Top Channel and Fiks Fare should be stopped through legal mechanisms. Around all court cafes there are middle men who play for judges, chancellors and everyone else”, Balla declared.

Balla added that the reviewing of the Penal Code is urgent, together with the law implementation in all justice links.

“The High Council of Justice is one of the biggest problems in our judiciary, and whoever in the HCJ who goes against reforms, clearly doesn’t want this country to function well. The same situation can be found at the Supreme Court”, Balla declared.

Justice corruption remains one of the most problematic issues of Albania, in all European Union reports of the recent years.

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