Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PM: More unsolved issues remain in Kosovo

JAGODINA -- In the implementation of the Brussels agreement on there are still still unresolved issues in the area of the police and the judiciary when, says Ivica Dačić.
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)
“The implementation is in progress, the working groups have held sessions. There are still some unresolved matters, particularly in the area of the judiciary and this area is the most complicated one, or rather the forms which the Serb courts in Kosovo will take on”, the prime minister said in the town of Jagodina on Tuesday.
Dačić said that it was important to respect the ethnic structure in the police and judiciary, and that in places where Serbs lived, they should be employed there also, which is the request accepted by the international community.

He added that other issues were being opened such as the question of ownership and the position of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

"I believe that the international community is satisfied with what we have done, and we have really tried to be constructive, which will we continue," the prime minister stated, and added that he was "satisfied with the results of the local elections in Kosovo since the Civic Initiative Srpska, which had been supported by the Serbian government, had achieved extraordinary results."

"This has shown that the citizens in Kosovo trust the Serbian government and that in the following period we should work together on the implementation of the Brussels agreement," said Dačić.

He said that the success of the Srpska list was the best proof that the reaching of the agreement with Priština in April in Brussels had indeed been in the interest of the Serbian people to establish a legitimate form of organizing Serb municipalities in Kosovo.

Dačić announced that at the upcoming meetings between the representatives of Belgrade and Priština in Brussels there would also be discussion on the forming of the Statute of the Community of Serb municipalities. The forming of this Community has been foreseen by the Brussels agreement.

“Now the municipalities should bring the decisions on whether they wish to enter into the Community. Then the leadership will be appointed, the president, executive body and the authorities defined. We had planned for the seat to be in north part of Kosovska Mitrovica and have therefore insisted that the Serbs turnout for the local elections since it is logical for the center of the Community of Serb Communities to be there," Dačić said.

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