Saturday, December 7, 2013

Omonia: Albania has great problems with the Greek Minority

One of the protest of the Greek community, at front of the Albanian embassy in Athens

The issue of acquisition of the property, particularly in Himara, Lukovo and Saranda Regions are great concern for the Greek Communities of the Areas.

Tzoumakas: Some representative of the Democratic Union of the Greek Minority " Omonia " directed by  deputy, George Tzoumakas, held a meeting with Ambassador of Albania to Greece, Mr. Dashnor Dervishi.

Vice President of " Omonia " George Tzoumakas has some critical issues raised at the meeting area of concern for the Greek minority in Albania, and has sought the attention and support of the Albanian state for selection of them.

"Groups of criminals from other areas of southern Albania go to our villages, robbing houses and kill the elderly, living alone for years. Recently have been numerous incidents of ugly. Police seek attention Albania to eliminate crime in the area ", is expressed Tzoumaka.

He also referred to the issue of acquisition of the property, particularly in Himara, Lukovo and Saranda Regions, with false documents, by various Albanian citizens, according to him, have no connection with minority villages and seek ownership based on false documents.

Omonia representative also requested facilities for minority families, because of the deep economic crisis in Greece, returning to his homeland, implying with this, facilities for a smooth integration into local society, in every area of country where minorities reside.

Mr. Tzoumaka has affected the question of topographical, explaining that stops at the border carried out for all Albanian citizens, regardless of nationality and are not exempt from this well enough minority families .

On his part , Ambassador of Albania to Greece , Mr. Dashnor Dervish, congratulated the representatives of " Omonia " to visit and stressed that discussions on any issue of concern should be continued.

Referring waiting for the candidate status for the European Union , which Albania must meet certain conditions, Dervish has bolstered the view that the solution of problems faced by citizens, in any area, is essential .

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