Friday, March 24, 2017

Russian FM Lavrov accuses West for Macedonia’s crises

Russian FM Lavrov accuses West for Macedonia’s crises

TCH/. Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared he hoped Western countries will understand the risk of their efforts to destabilize Macedonia. He said it seems strange that the Balkans is perceived as e region where Russian activity is considered provocative and normal relations between Russia and the Balkans raises concerns in the West.

“The situation in Macedonia is very complicated and I would call it a crisis that in many cases is artificially provoked and is trying to divide society there”, Lavrov said from Moscow, adding western nations should understand that nothing good comes from these actions.

Western countries continue to appeal to avoid ethnic tensions, while political parties are trying to elect the Parliament Speaker as soon as possible after refusal from President Ivanov to mandate the new government.

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