Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FYROM: SDS fears slavo Macedonians will enter Parliament

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A late night meeting between SDS officials confirm the leadership of the party is very worried about tomorrows meeting in FYROM Parliament, and the growing concern the public will enter Parliament.

Zaev has cursed the protesters whose numbers after 21 days instead of dwindling have drastically increased with each passing day.

Tomorrow, over 43 cities will take part in the protest, at least 100,000+ are estimated in Skopje alone. And this is what freightens the SDS. What if the public enters Parliament, or other Government institutions to prevent the implementation of Edi Rama's platform?

SDS' party leadership concluded in such scenario there will likely be new elections, and the latest polls show Zaev's party is headed for a major loss as they'd lose the majority of the Macedonian vote.

Zaev apparently has already reached out and is seeking guarantees from Baily, Garett and the German ambassador that no new elections are scheduled.

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