Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Altmann: If you dream of a Greater Albania, the Albanians can not join the EU

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Altmann: If you dream of a Greater Albania, the Albanians could not become part of the European Union


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Former director of the branch for the Balkans of the Berlin Institute for International and Security Affairs, Franz Lothar Altmann, told Radio Free Europe that "Albanians [elsewhere in the Balkans] are aware of the fact that as counterproductive to is the idea of ​​Albania "Great.

Altmann, in an interview with Radio Free Europe, the Balkans Service, spoke about developments in the Balkans and also referred to the situation in FYROM, with emphasis on 'Albanian platform that has fueled a rebound in the society one'

 "If you talk with Albanians would see that they are very aware of the fact that it is very counter productive every story of a Greater Albania. They may forget their entry into the EU if the dream of creating a "Greater Albania". Also, the Albanians in FYROM and those in Kosovo are very excited with the idea to be under the auspices of Tirana, "Altmann said.

Referring to the strained relations between Kosovo and Serbia, Altmann said that "neither side has shown no willingness to assist in the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels."

According to him, neither party "has not shown understanding for the necessity of normalizing relations because they live next to each other."

"Instead I highlight differences," Altmann told Radio Free Europe.

 Franz Lothar Altmann described as "weak European Union at the moment" because, according to him, is facing "the Brexit problem with the grave situation in Hungary, Poland and is awaiting the elections in France and Germany".

 "Therefore the EU is more focused on domestic issues than on developments in its surroundings. This naturally imposes more state in the Balkans ", said Franz Lothar Altmann.

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