Saturday, March 25, 2017

Philo Albanian US Congressman: You made a mistake with Kosovo, lawmaker Engel tells Congress

You made a mistake with Kosovo, lawmaker Engel tells Congress

American lawmaker Eliot Engel dedicated his Thursday speech in Congress to Kosovo saying United States should do more to support the country’s aspiration for international recognition.

One of the most active congressmen supporting the Albanian cause, Engel informed his colleagues about the current situation in Kosovo and the problems the country is facing. He also mentioned an intensive campaign from Belgrade and its bigger ally Moscow with the aim to slow down integration process of Kosovo and insisted US support should increase.

“The best way to help Kosovo is through strong and continuous support as the United States has done for so many years. But there are many obstacles in the way, most of them outside Kosovo’s border. That’s why we should work to strengthen ties between the two countries something that will contribute also in the stability of the Balkans”, he said.

Engel also criticized the US administration for not supporting Kosovo’s initiative to formalize the Armed Forces and reminded his colleagues that in the meanwhile, Putin is sending arms and military equipment in neighboring Serbia.


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