Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Edi Rama: Albanians trust the police, then God, said the polling

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Prime Minister Edi Rama at the meeting for the promotion of women in the State Police did not forget to take in defense of the State Police, denied the allegations of the opposition and stated that surveys have concluded that Albanians initially believe police later to religious leaders in the country. .

     "Surveys of the most prominent international organizations said that state police is the most trusted institution in the country, even the most trusted religious leaders, according to the latest survey of the EU ", - said Rama before police officers.

Meanwhile this statement, there is no reaction at least by the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Albania, Dr Anastasios of Tirana, the majority community of which belong to the Greeks in Northern Epirus.

"To say that the Albanian police, which controls planting, distribution and trafficking of cannabis in Albania, is more reliable than the Orthodox Church in Principle" is unacceptable and dangerous, for the relationship between the Church and the state.

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