Thursday, March 7, 2013


Strong statement of the leader of the opposition in Albania

Edi Rama: Albanian State Police, associated with the crime, and the people were armed to defend itself

Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, has attended meetings for the presentation and discussion of the program for an Albanian renaissance in Lezha. The focus of the meeting was again the subject of public order and safety, as one of the most important socialist government after June 23.

President of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama has started his speech by bringing to the attention of the audience all unsafe condition undergoing Albanians, because of the lack of state and the complete organization of the State Police. "We have seen that especially in the territories of the village, to protect property, to protect the house, armed people."

"We have seen how many property disputes erupt and turn to crime. And what we see is always less state presence. Country has abandoned the task. Organization of State Police, just like all of our state organization, today is out any logical standard, as well as to all State Police structures of our country have returned to the nest to introduce "members" of the Democratic Party. There is no other standard. If we want to fight crime and ringremë State Police , should këpusim links between the dome of the Ministry of Interior and crime, "said Rama. According to him, the top managers of the State Police today are associated with organized crime.

 "This is a fact. Top executives of the State Police today guarantee smuggling routes and manage all the proceeds from corruption. This is a fact, as it is a fact that between crime and cupola leadership of the Ministry of Interior has ongoing collaboration, treason against the State Police, where criminals find out as soon as a planned operation and so fail operations.

 This has led to a moral destruction of all State Police, because every one in the State Police know what happens, "said the head of the SP.

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