Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Durrës, arrives the French frigate "Jean de Vienne"

It has arrived at the port of Durres, the French frigate "Jean de Vienne". French military ship D643 will stay for a 4-day port visit to the largest port in the country, announced official sources Naval Forces Command.

During her stay in Durres are anticipated meetings in order to cooperation of our naval forces, visiting French soldiers in Durres and other cities of the country, joint activities etc, added to our Command marine resources. The ship will be visiting senior local and central.

This morning shuttle managers will develop the city bashinë visits and the management of Durres Port Authority. Meanwhile, Effective training will hold joint exercises with the TO Albanian patrol vessel "Illyria", added the sources.

According to the same sources, military vessel with a length of 139 meters is docked at the quay port 4.

The "Jean de Vienne" is a F70 type anti-submarine frigate of the French Marine Nationale. She is the third French vessel named after the 14th century admiral Jean de Vienne. Her complement is 20% female. On 4 January 2009 Jean de Vienne helped to defend the Croatian tanker Donat, owned by the Tankerska plovidba from Zadar, and a cargo ship from Panama called Vulturnus, off Somalia.
Note: The French navy doesn't use the term "destroyer" for its ships; hence some large ships, referred to as "frigates", are registered as destroyers.

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