Sunday, March 3, 2013

Robbed the church of All Saints in Himara

The 300-year-old All Saints orthodox church in Himara is robbed. The event took place about a week ago, while the perpetrators have taken on this subject 9 columns eighteenth century iconostasis. The news is confirmed to "The Albanian newspaper" from Gentian Stratoberdha, architect, conservator and director of the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Heritage. Mst. Stratoberdha, notes that the building is a monument of culture, explains important elements of its interior after painting are carved wooden iconostasis and ceiling.

According to the director of Heritage, the monument in question was one of the most curatives of Orthodox heritage, having been the subject of a restoration, in the late 90s, Autocephalous Church funds. On the other hand, she had resisted for good time. The expert notes that in this church, found one of the few original iconostasis, made ​​in the 18th century, deeply carved and restored along with the church a few years ago.

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