Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Albanian wahabis via Facebook organizing another protest for Friday 
Albanian wahabis are once again inciting violence by pushing under age teens to go protest ini front of the Government after their Friday prayers at a local mosque.

According to police sources, these are the same Albanians who organized the protest for the Smilkovsko lake massacre. Few of the organizers are friends of the individuals who are currently undergoing a trial for the murder of five teens who were killed executionary style. The sole purpose of their killing was because they being wahabi muslims needed to take the lives of christians during Easter.

There are multiple wahabi sects in Skopje and few in Struga who are easily manipulated by local politicians. Police has not attempted to detain neither the local politicians nor any of the wahabis. Lingering problem is the financial support from Saudi Arabia that goes to these wahabis (hence the Saudi flags at each protest).

Our calls to MoI spokesman to explain why these organizers who clearly incite violence are not behind bars were not returned.

There has been two protests in the past week. The first was organized by the SDSM (to start it all), the second by default was organized by the DPA, both parties are in the opposition and are clearly using this as some sort of 'failure' of the ruling Government.

Things will quiet down the day Crvenkovski and Menduh Thaci end up behind bars.

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