Saturday, March 9, 2013

Albanians in Serbia: We want the status as the Serbs in Kosovo

PRESEVO - Today in Presevo held meeting of councilors Albanians from Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja.

According to the information transmitted B92, Serbia's Albanians will apply the model of northern Kosovo, in Serbia, formed the Albanian municipal community.

This request shall be made by 74 councilors of these three municipalities Albanians in the Presevo Valley. B92 Serbian Agency reports that the mayor of Presevo and chairman of Party of Albanians Ragmi Mustafa, did not want to show why will meet councilors.

"We at the meeting will provide a document that will be our platform in future agreements between Belgrade and Presevo Valley Albanians," February said Mustafa.

Similarly responded Skender Destani, leader of the Democratic Union of the Valley, noting that this document will answer Albanians Belgrade's bid to normalize relations, which has handed Coordination Body for the three municipalities.

On 25 February the OSCE office in Bujanovac has started Belgrade dialogue with leaders of Albanian political parties in the Valley.

The Government in this case has international entities submitted a letter to eight requests.

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