Thursday, January 10, 2013

 Tirana: Continues the way to the Greater Albania

Territories claimed on behalf of "Greater Albania".
Albanians in Albania and neighboring countries


Berisha: Albanians abroad will get the passport before the election

Sali Berisha has changed the attitude of the statements made in the government meeting held in Vlora on December 4 last year, which said that it would be approved the draft law on granting citizenship to all Albanians abroad after the election and said yesterday that citizenship will be granted to the Albanians of Montenegro, the Presevo Valley and Macedonia, but also those who live in the EU, the U.S. and Canada before the election.

Speaking of citizenship, the head of the government has given a different twist to his statement and now claims that the bill will come into force before the election, while the right to vote will not be implemented because they are compiled lists of voters.

But as it is written in the newspaper in English, this statement is legally nonsense because if given citizenship, every Albanian citizen has the right to vote and the right, if it is denied, you can win simply by a court.

Differences of the statements made on 4 December and yesterday are that a month ago he said he would draft a bill that requires 3/5 of the votes, while yesterday Berisha said he would deal with no need for government decision be approved by the Assembly.

Second, on December 4, Prime Minister said that the law will come into force after the elections, while the government meeting yesterday he claimed that citizenship will be taken, but the right to vote shall enter into force after the elections.

But if citizenship is taken, no citizen shall be denied the right to vote.


 Northern Epiriotes to Athens: : "We want Greek passport from Consulates in Albania"

Meanwhile, a step after this decision of Tirana, stands Athens, which has announced that it will accelerate the procedure for the award of Greek citizenship for Northern Epirus. But discontent grows by the Greeks in Northern Epirus, which demand from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, for issuing passports, from Greek consulates in Albania and not to travel with expenses and Greek bureaucracy, in Greece.

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