Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Albanian Opposition accuses Argita Berisha's company

Top Channel TV

SP accuses Argita Berisha's company
The Socialist Party suspects that the Prime Minister’s daughter, Argita Berisha Malltezi, is exploiting her father’s government position to work as a consultant with companies that try to invest in Albania.

MP Taulant Balla explained where the Prime Minsiter’s influence is turned into consultancy for his daughter, Argita.

“This is a case when a foreign investor, who is a consul of honour for Albania in his country of origin, arrived to propose a project of strategic importance in the energy area. He met Berisha and they found the way to pass through Berisha’s daughter for consultancy. This is the odyssey of a foreign investor who arrived with a development project and retreated after not being able to afford the requests of Argita Berisha”, Balla declared.

According to Taulant Balla, the person in question is the Paki Zafar Ansar.

“What do you have to say about Mr. Ansar, who withdrew the investment after communicating with you? We are waiting for answers and the defamation doesn’t help to explain your situation to the public and let us go on with the next topic of transparency. There’s no reason to have doubts that the practice followed by Argita and her Prime Minister father was not a standard one for the lucrative work of the Berisha family. From this practice it is clear that the Prime Minister’s family is well coordinated and the Prime Minister’s children have grown up and turned into defamers of the opposition”, Balla declared.

Top Channel learned that the opposition has a folder of documents through which they claim that the consultancy office of Argita Berisha had been negotiating with Ansar for a long time. The same source confirmed that the content of the folder will be made public in the days to come for what the Socialist Party calls transparency of the new “Blue Blockmen”.

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