Thursday, January 10, 2013

Greater Albanian space to unite TV waves

Berisha: The Project, beginning of the union with Kosovo
Hapsirë shqiptare unike valësh, Berisha: Projekti, fillimi i bashkimit me Kosovën-Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today, at the meeting, Deputy General Director of Radio and Television of Kosovo (RTK) Mentor Shala and Television Director Blessing Hasani, who are in Albania, after the proposal of the Prime Minister Berisha for the unification of space between Albania and TV waves of Kosovo.
Mr. Shala, giving thanks for the warm reception, the Prime Minister said that his proposal for a unique Albanian space waves is welcomed not only by the media community and has found wide support in Kosovo.
Premier Berisha praised the proven willingness to put in motion the unification of unique space waves, and stressed that this is a necessary step, part of a broader process, so that the nation feels.
Having discussed this project, the Prime Minister said that its implementation is entirely possible and would require ART possibility of Repetitor RTK Albanian public television transmission points in the entire country. And invited all other media in Kosovo, if they wish, to extend their broadcasting in Albania.
"To realize one thing, the most important first step is to believe that and I believe more than anything else to God, the process of uniting the Albanian nation, and I am determined and confident that every day Albanians work wherever they are. This is a more extensive process. We are a nation that has more than half outside the ethnic territories, one can say that this is just the beginning of a process which will lead to the unification of Albanians about their ideal European national, "he said.

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